Woodbury Methodist Cemetery

Contact: 651-998-4066

  • Woodbury Methodist Cemetery History

    Woodbury, Minnesota

    The Woodbury Methodist Cemetery was begun in the early 1850's after a group of German immigrants settled in the Woodbury area. The Woodbury we know today was only a wilderness. These first settlers established the German Methodist Church in 1855. Shortly after, the Woodbury Methodist Cemetery was added to the church property just east of the current building. There are no written records of exactly where those early settlers were but we know the names. These remains are located in an area known as The Pioneer Section. There are many stone monuments but we know there are also many unmarked graves. Wooden markers were often used and they have disappeared. The cemetery was formally platted and registered with the State of Minnesota in 1895. Although the cemetery is classified as Methodist, we are open to all faiths, races, and nationalities. There are several former ministers buried here and a soldier who fought for Napolean and the Civil War. For more information about services, please contact The Grove UMC.

  • Cemetery Plot Pricing

    As of January 1, 2024

    Woodbury Methodist Cemetery

    Lot sales for church members - $1,200.00

    Lot sales for family members in Cemetery - $1,200.00

    Lot sales for non-member - $1,400.00

    Rentz Cemetery

    All lot sales - $1,400.00

    Burial Fees

    Open/Close for casket/liner - $1,000.00 (no staking fees)

    Additional Casket Charges

           Saturday Charge - $250.00

           Sunday and Holiday Charge - $500.00

           Cover must be on vault by 4:00p - $250.00 late charge

           Winter Charge (11/15-4/15) - $500.00

    Open/Close Cremains - $750.00 (no staking fees)