Adult Discipleship and Fellowship

Groups of 9 to 14 participants build intentional community through group discussions, service, and connected-care.  Grove Groups are the primary discipleship groups at The Grove.

  • You may join a group anytime, but open signups happen in Sept. and Jan.  Go to Register Here to signup.  
  • Groups run from Oct. to Aug.
  • Grove Groups are great for everyone, and those who mostly worship online particularly appreciate the connection that comes through the group.  
  • Grove Group members share leadership throughout the year.  

Group Discussions

You choose if you want to be in a group that meets once per week, twice per month, or once per month.  You also choose what kind of group you want to be in — primarily

online or primarily in-person.  Some groups are specialized:  Moms Groups, Dads Groups, Cottage Grove Specific Groups, or Parents of LGBTQIA kids.  


Groups will participate in two service projects a year of their choosing.


Groups will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and support each other when needed.