Congratulations on your engagement! At The Grove, we consider a wedding ceremony a special and sacred event that is all about God’s work in your new life together.

I'm interested in having my wedding officiated by one of The Grove's pastors. What do I do?

Reach out directly to the pastor you'd like to officiate. If you are unsure, reach out to the church office.

Do I have to be married at the church in order for a Grove pastor to officiate my wedding?  

Grove pastors frequently officiate weddings off-site.  Sometimes travel time is a limiting factor.  

Can I have my wedding at The Grove if it's not officiated by a Grove pastor?  

Only pastors affiliated with The Grove and other United Methodist pastors may officiate weddings on church property.    

Do The Grove's pastors officiate same-gender weddings?  

The Grove Pastors commit to supporting and celebrating same-gender marriages in the same way that we support and celebrate other marriages.  Pastors at The Grove are honored to officiate same-gender weddings to celebrate love and commitment.  As with any wedding conducted, supportive premarital counseling and thoughtful wedding planning is available. 

How do we arrange for premarital counseling or our marriage preparation course?  

The Grove pastors feel premarital counseling is important. They will either provide the counseling themselves, refer you to an affiliated pastor who conducts premarital counseling, or ask you to seek secular premarital counseling or a marriage preparation course.  

How does wedding planning work?

The pastor officiating the wedding will work with you on personalizing your ceremony so it is special and unique to you. The order of worship includes: a greeting, declaration of intent, vows, prayers, Scripture reading, and a short message. Other elements might include: exchange of rings, family blessing/commitment, music, announcement of marriage, and other readings.    

What are the options for settings at The Grove?

Wedding ceremonies take place in the worship center, historic chapel, or outside in the grove. Pricing varies from $250-$400 depending on the location picked.  

How much does it cost to have a wedding officiated by a Grove pastor?

Each pastor determines their own costs based on preparation, rehearsal, travel, and ceremony. Prices typically range from $250 to $750.

Can we have a reception at the church?

The fellowship hall, atrium, plaza, outdoor grove, and kitchen can be signed out for receptions. No alcohol or smoking is allowed on The Grove's property. Meals must be catered by an outside business. Building use fees apply to these rooms.