Funerals, Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life

The Grove is a community of support which will walk with your family through the complicated road of grief.


Funeral, Memorial Service, Celebration of Life

At The Grove, these terms are used interchangeably to describe the worship service where a deceased loved one's life is honored and celebrated, where people come together to support each other in grief, and where people renew and strengthen their faith in God's love.   

Visitation and Viewing

A visitation is a gathering of family and friends prior to the memorial service.  If a body is present, the visitation allows those grieving the opportunity to view the body.  If the deceased has been cremated, the cremains are often present in an urn at the visitation.  Most, but not all, visitations at The Grove are held immediately preceding the funeral.    

Committal, Internment, 

Graveside Service

At The Grove, these terms are used interchangeably to describe a short service at the gravesite.  Often prayers and readings are offered, along with special rituals of the families choosing. Graveside services can be held immediately after the service, after the luncheon, or at another date.    

Luncheon or Reception

Often after the funeral, a luncheon or reception is offered by the family to those who have come.  This is a time for worshippers to share memories with each other.  If a full luncheon is desired, the family will cater the meal to The Grove.  The Grove can provide you a list of local caterers.  If a simpler reception is desired, The Grove can organize and provide bars/cookies and beverages at cost to the family.  In both cases, The Grove provides a serving staff.  

Worship Planning

The Grove's pastors will walk you through the planning process.  This guide gives you some ideas, but choices are not limited to what is here.  Your loved one's service will be individualized in a way that celebrates their life.  

Families will discuss the service content with the pastor. We will do our best to personalize it.  

Scripture - The family pick one or two Scripture passages that are meaningful.  If the family is unsure, the pastor will help the family select an appropriate piece of Scripture.

Music - The Grove will consider the family’s music requests, observing musical preferences and styles.  Congregational hymns and solos (if requested) can be part of the service with organ and/or piano accompaniment provided.  Special musicians (e.g. string or wind instruments) can be brought by the family.  Music can also be pre-recorded.

Witness or Time of Memories - Often family members will share memories of their loved one during the service or sometimes they ask friends to share memories.  If desired, the family might want an open time of sharing.  

Prayers or Special Readings - The service will include prayers, which sometimes include an opening prayer, The Lord's Prayer, a commendation, and blessing.  If the family has special readings (e.g. a favorite poem and blessing) those can also be read during the service.  Inviting family or friends to share these pieces is appropriate.